Our Service includes

  • Repairs, maintenance, annual inspections as well as all kinds of finishing for gliders and motorgliders in wood, mixed and composite construction
  • Championship-tuning
  • Adaption of VORTEX- and masking tapes
  • Production and assembling of Winglets for Twin III (SL), ASW 20 and Phoebus to improve and enhance the glider performance and soaring quality.
  • Production of all kinds of industrial parts in composite and fiberglas material
  • All kind of welding work, especially airframes ( WIG, gas)
  • Merchandising of airplane supply (tapes, resin, fiberglas, ...)
  • Purchase of planes, instruments, trailer and crashes
  • Manufacturing and support of all spar parts for all Grob G 103 with G 103C Twin III SL.
  • Repair and maintenance on all rotary engines for ASK 21 MI, ASH 26 E, ASH 25M and ASH 25 MI.