About us

Since 1971 our enthusiasm and passion for flying has been the motivation to provide top class service and advice in all aspects of your sailplane or powered sailplane.
1971 After the closure of the aircraft manufacturing division of “Messerschmitt Bölkow Blohm” (MBB), Rudolf Lindner formed his own company. He started maintenance and repair work on the “Phönix” and “Phoebus” out of the basement of his own home.
1972 The company moved to more suitable premises in Baustetten.
1980 To company again resettled into the current premises in Walpertshofen.
1994 Rudolf’s son Helmut joined the company after gaining extensive training and experience at “Grob” and “Alexander Schleicher” in the use of composites within sailplane manufacturing. His training and experience focused on the processing and repair of fibre reinforced plastics aswell as on the development and testing of new sailplanes and powered sailplanes.
2000 Rudolf Lindner went into his well earned retirement.
2001 The LTB Lindner took over the spare parts supply of all single-seat “Grob” sailplanes.
2008 Addition of the spare parts supply for all double-seat “Grob” sailplanes, including the G103C Twin III SL.
2009 The “CAMO” approval now offers unbureaucratic oversight and management of aircraft conituing airworthiness.
2010 LTB Lindner becomes the type certificate holder for “Grob” sailplanes.
2017 After successful approval, we offer repair, maintenance and annual inspection of microlights (UL).
2020 Extension of our certifying staff licences we now also offer inspections, maintenance and repairs of sailplanes with electric propulsion and jet turbines.
Today LTB Lindner looks after the continuing airworthiness of sailplanes and powered sailplanes of wooden, composite, or mixed construction by offering inspection, maintenance, repair and overhaul.
Furthermore, with the specialization in high quality paintshop work and excellent surface finish, LTB Lindner guarantees their customers years of trouble-free service.

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