Fiberglas-Technik Rudolf Lindner GmbH & Co. KG

We prepare your glider for the season and tune it for competitions

LTB Lindner – We are specialized in:

  • Repairs, maintenance, annual inspections as well as all kinds of finishing for gliders and powerded sailplanes in wood, mixed and composite construction
  • Repairs, maintenance and annual inspections of sailplanes with electric propulsion and jet turbines
  • Repair and maintenance on all Wankel engines for ASK 21 MI, ASH 26 E, ASH 25M and ASH 25 MI.
  • Repair, maintenance and annual inspection of microlights (UL)
  • Production and installation of Winglets for Twin III (SL) and ASW 20 to improve and enhance the gliding performance and flying quality.
  • Competition-tuning


Approved CAO organisation DE.CAO.0007,
Approved Production organisation DE.21G.0118,
Approved Design organisation DOA.AP161